Welcome to MycoMagnet: Edible Fungi of the Midwest

The Midwest region of the U.S. is home to a over a hundred edible mushroom species, many of which are readily identifiable with enough resources and experience. The purpose of this site is to provide high-quality photographs of both popular and frequently overlooked edible mushrooms found in the Wisconsin/Minnesota region, and tips to distinguish them from commnon inedible/poisonous species also found in this region. It is our hope that these images will:

  1. Acquaint you with new edible species
  2. Serve as "search images" for you in the woods
  3. Help confirm/renounce edible species identifications that you are uncertain about.

Cooking and eating wild mushrooms exposes you to a tremendous variety of new tastes, textures, medicinal benefits, and culinary fun! But remember, never eat any fungus unless you are absolutely certain of your identification, and don't take our word alone! Mushrooms are powerful, there are species that will kill you if you eat them.


The Minnesota Mycological Society has a lot of exciting upcoming events. Check out their website and facebook page for details. This is a great group of fungus-minded folk. They host a multitude of forays, identification sessions, a seasonal potluck, photo contest, and more. If you are a Minnesotan and into mushrooms, this group is for you. The $20 membership is a bargain for all you will experience and learn!

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